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Custom Granite, Quartz, Soapstone, and marble Countertops are a shrewd investment for any home owner. 90% agree that custom granite countertops increased the perceived value of a home. We are offing instant price quotes for granite countertops in the below listed markets. These local services providers have specific colors that will be available for price locak as well as specific options for sinks and edging. The terms of the PriceLOCK™ are defined by each company and are specific to that company.

PriceLOCK™ is available in:

Attention Custom Countertop Fabrciators

If you would like to offer PriceLOCK™ to your local countertop customers complete our registraiotn form below and we will contact you with the details. If you would like to demo the platform click here. Please use a real email address in the demo so that we can send you additional details about the applciation.

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